Corporate Video Production

Increase Marketing Engagement

In the world of modern technology, it’s not a stretch to say things are always changing. Marketing is a mercurial thing, and you’ve got to adapt or fall off.

One constant, though, is the appeal of a well-made film. Corporate video production is a great way to reach out and make an impact on an audience before you’ve ever even met them. And, luckily for you, it’s one of our services here at Web Daytona.

  • ­Create on-brand video content that appeals to your target market.
  • ­Trendy, well-polished and professional production.
  • Content ready for use in social media and marketing campaigns.

With a beautiful corporate video, filmed with a cast of gorgeous actors and some expert cinematography, there’s no limit to the reaches of your video. And it doesn’t have to stop at marketing – one of the biggest benefits of corporate video production is using your content in meetings, internal communications, and training.

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Our Video Production Process

Our comprehensive video production strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


Consultation is about more than just a short meeting for the sake of it. It’s about reaching out, making a connection between our agency and your company, and choosing a path together. During the consultation session, we will outline the process for the upcoming video production and get your input as to how it pertains to you. We’ll explain what goes into the video, what you can expect from the final product. We’ll put down a tentative deadline, and compare it to your expectations. The name of the game, here, is transparency, and we look forward to being transparent with you. Ormond Beach Marketing


During the shooting process, we take story-boarded concepts, cameras and a set of microphones to film actors, business members and happy clients for your video. It’s now that we start building up different takes, alternate angles, and experimenting with lighting. Depending on the weather, we might retry an outdoor shoot, or move a shot from one room to another. During this process, we’ll be filming the shots that will eventually go into your final product. Ormond Beach Marketing


Once we’ve got a complete set of clips, scenes and settings put together, we arrive at the most important part of the entire process: the editing. Using professional software, we’ll take your footage and edit it together into a cohesive product, with a beginning, middle and end. Beyond that, there are filters to add, music to work in, sound to tweak and transitions to animate. With a little expert work and some attention to detail, in no time we’ll have a final product you can be proud of. Ormond Beach Marketing

Final Video

When it comes to video production, a final product is only final in that it’s finished being made. Once we’ve put together an awesome video for your business or brand, it’s time to start using it. We’ll help you apply branding, logos, animations and other use-specific to the finished video so that you can use it on social networks, business training, and other relevant platforms. Discover a world of cinematography services, with Web Daytona. Ormond Beach Marketing