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In the quest for better search engine optimization (SEO), there are many improvements that need to be made. You’re going to become really familiar with keyword research, for instance. Internal and external linking is pretty important as well, as any Orlando SEO expert will tell you.

But it would be unwise to forget the most important factor in any website’s value: its load speed.

Make A Change

The following are a few choice changes you can make, on-site, to improve your page speed for better SEO.

  • Optimized Images: Full-resolution images are notorious for their long load times on webpages.And the happy little fact of it is, they aren’t necessary for most pages, particularly for mobile. Images can be easily optimized, even for a relative novice. Use basic Photoshop functionality to compresses .jpg and .png images, and you’ll likely notice faster load times almost immediately.You can also compress other data files associated with your website, for similar effects.
  • Browser Caching: Using this technique, you can help optimize the way browsers handle the data your website uses to run. Browsers get a set amount of time in which they are able to keep images, CSS and JavaScript stored, before they have to let them go and allocate memory to something else. As a result, pages load quicker, and users have a smoother navigation experience.
  • Loops: When browsers load web pages, they do it in “chunks” of data. The implication of this is that most pages actually need to make several requests to the server and back, in order for them to load. We call these requests “Loops”.Prioritizing loading to the elements of the page that users can actually see is your first step. These items are the most important because the user sees them first and assumes the rest of the page will be ready in a second when they get to it. Load “above the fold” elements first, in the first loop, to get the most out of your load speeds. Next, load sidebar menus, ads, and other third-party widgets.

Ultimately, your user’s experience should always be your first consideration. With some insightful understanding of the inner workings of your website, you’ll be able to refine your usability and create something truly special.

And, while we’re on the topic of truly special websites: get in touch with Web Daytona, today, for Orlando SEO Done Right.

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