Why Choose Web Daytona?

You’ve decided that having a team of SEO professionals optimizing your site is the right move to make, but how do you know which team is best? When selecting the local SEO agency that will be in charge of managing your website, there are a few key elements to look for. You’re making a large investment in your business, and you want to ensure that it will pay off in the long run and feel worth the money.

Our team at Web Daytona makes it their mission to be the best possible partner for you by listening to your business needs and executive customized strategy. Combined with our professionalism and passion for client service, we’re confident you’re making the right choice by hiring us.

As you make your decision on which local SEO company to hire, consider a few aspects and closely examine if your candidates meet them.

Team Dynamic

A great first step is to spend some time speaking with the agencies to get a sense of their dynamic and personalities. If they seem to be a group who will mesh well with your and your own team, that’s a good first sign that a partnership is possible.

References and Reviews

One of the most important ways to gauge if an agency is a good fit is to examine their reviews and check references. Most reputable SEO agencies will happily provide contact information for past and current clients so you can do your research.

It’s also a wise idea to do some online research and look up reviews on the agencies. Here are just some reviews left by Web Daytona clients:

“The Web Daytona, LLC team provide professionalism and expertise in their field.”

“They’re driven by results and they love challenges.”

“We also appreciated their forward-thinking approach and desire for innovation.”

“Despite launching recently, the site has already driven new sales. Web Daytona set appropriate expectations and was available via multiple channels. Their focus on transparency and commitment to providing original services is especially noteworthy.”


The biggest question you probably have for prospective SEO agency partners is “will I get my desired results?” A good way to predict this is to see what success the agency has had in the past. Ask for case studies and results reports so you can see for yourself just what the agency has accomplished. Our team has countless examples of how we’ve set strategy with clients, crafting tactics to suit their needs, and executed them to boost rankins and increase sales.

At Web Daytona, we’re a results-driven SEO agency with a passion for our clients. We’ve ranked in the top 10 SEO agencies in Orlando, and it’s because we provide the service and results our clients seek. 

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Case Studies

ward t berg

Ward T. Berg

By using a targeted Search Engine Optimization strategy Ward T. Berg was able to dominate the search engines. Giving him a demanding lead on the competition.

sweet marlays' coffee

Sweet Marlays’ Coffee

By focusing on the Sweet Marlays’ Coffee social media presence, we are able to raise awareness about their brand. This helps drive traffic to their coffee shop.

Exellent Service

I'm a perfectionist, especially when it comes to a web site that represents my business as well as my personal image. Gary Vela and the Daytona Internet Marketing team fully executed and delivered quality service and results. Gary is professional and trustworthy - a gem of integrity in today's world!

Very Professional

I’ve known Gary Vela since our college years more than 15 years ago, he has always been very professional, energetic, intuitive, personable, and dedicated to serve his clients. I would highly recommend Web Daytona for any digital marketing needs and more!

Always on time

I've worked with Web Daytona specifically the owner Gary V. He is a young man with integrity, very personal and attentive to details. The first programming/web development project I gave him convinced me that I had found the web development company I was looking for in Volusia.